Pumpkins Are Not Just For Halloween!

You’ve been to Uncommon Coffee Roasters for a piping hot latte with two pumps of pumpkin spice. You’ve packed up the family and traipsed around Crane Orchards to find the perfect jack-o-lanterns. You’ve indulged in pumpkin muffins and autumnal soups at The Farmhouse Deli & Pantry in Douglas. You’ve stocked up on sweet-smelling goodness at Bright World Candle Company.You’ve chased the scent of pumpkin from Fennville to Saugatuck since the start of October, and you have yet to satisfy that craving. What’s next?

Try adding a little pumpkin to your skincare routine. Did you know this fall favorite has amazing benefits for the skin? This beloved squash is actually a powerhouse packed with vitamins A, C, and E, all of which are essential in any beauty regimen. Vitamins A and C create cell turnover and act as calming agents while Vitamin E battles acne. Additionally, when Vitamin E combines with Vitamin C, these ingredients work together to combat all that sun damage from those lakeside West Michigan weekends.

Pumpkin’s benefits extend well beyond its vitamin content, though. Its powerful enzymes dissolve dry and dull skin cells, creating cell turnover to reveal smooth, healthy skin hiding just below the surface. This process is what gives you that sought-after "glow.” Acne sufferers can benefit from a healthy dose of pumpkin, too, as this fall fruit (yes, it’s a fruit – your odd but true fact for the day) helps regulate skin’s sebum, or oil, production. It also aids in fighting inflammation. Who knew pumpkins packed that kind of power?

While the benefits of putting pumpkin on your body are far-reaching, it’s magic doesn’t stop there. To maximize this seasonal superfood, make sure to reap the benefits from the inside out! Loaded with fiber, potassium and Vitamin C, adding pumpkin to your favorite fall recipes is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to perk up those dinnertime doldrums. Chili, risotto, pastas, pancakes, muffins – the options are endless…and delicious! 

Still not enough pumpkin for you? Stop in to Joli’ of Saugatuck to finally satisfy your passion for pumpkin this October. Pick up our Papaya and Pumpkin Mask from Sorella Apothecary for those looking to add some spice to an at-home routine - or book an appointment and pamper yourself with a fall facial! The nourishing and calming effects of pumpkin will brighten up your skin and give you an illuminating glow to rival those carved creations decorating your front porch. No candle necessary!