Celluma LED Light Therapy – Joli’s Answer to Michigan Winters
Does anyone even remember what the sun looks like anymore? We’ve been knee-deep in this West Michigan winter for what feels like an eternity (or three months for those of you actually keeping score), and my soul needs some sunshine. Those grey clouds looming above don’t seem to be letting much sneak past, though, so we’ll have to improvise.
Enter Celluma
Instead of waiting on spring to arrive, come soak up some much-needed love and light at Joli’ of
Saugatuck with our revolutionary Celluma LED light therapy. Scientifically proven to help battle both acne and signs of aging, Celluma provides a safe, non-invasive, chemical-free means of smoothing the skin’s texture, correcting those nagging fine lines and wrinkles, and bringing back that gorgeous glow we lost once the snow started falling…or maybe it was 15 years ago. It’s hard to keep track. Regardless, we want that healthy skin back and with Celluma’s ability to boost the body’s collagen and elastin
production, we might just be able to look as young as we feel again.
Battling Acne
It’s not just for those of us obsessed with wrinkles, though. Celluma is a pain-free, non-toxic treatment for acne, as well. With regular treatments, this low-level light therapy can help teens and adults alike with current and future breakouts by eliminating acne-causing bacteria. Step away from the harsh chemicals and damaging UV rays and try an alternative route to clearer skin. Plus, who couldn’t use twenty minutes of relaxation and some revitalizing light right about now?
Spring Special
For the entire month of March, take advantage of our package special which includes 9 Celluma
treatments (1 initial visit plus 8 follow-up sessions: 2 times a week for 4 weeks) for a total of $275.
Additionally, sign up in March and receive a complimentary facial upon your initial visit. Choose from an anti-aging or acne fighting facial using our favorite products from the Sorella Apothecary line, and we will incorporate your first Celluma therapy right into the facial.
That Michigan weather isn’t showing signs of letting up, so grab your sunglasses and come find spring and better-looking skin under the LED lights at Joli’ of Saugatuck.