Want To Freshen Up Your Makeup?



Using the same brand of lip gloss since your days at Grand Valley or Michigan State? Nervous to venture outside of your go-to eye shadow? Make-up can be intimidating, and most of us get a little too comfortable with the cosmetics we’ve been usingfor years. It takes time and a fair bit of money to experiment with fresh looks, and half the time we end up not liking (or knowing how to use) the items we purchase. Busy schedules make it hard to shop around for new products, which makes iteasy to get stuck in a make-up rut. 


Welcome to Cosmakery, a professional make-up line intended for the everyday woman. Created by Emmy-award winning makeup artist, Janelle Thomason, these products help userscreate a polished look in a limited amount of time. With the mission of “empower[ing] women to look the way they want to, every day, with their own two hands,” this Michigan native has truly nailed it with her cosmetics collection. 


It’s no secret that professional make-up brands leave beautiful results, but these lines can be tricky for the average user to apply. Cosmakery has broken the mold with gorgeous color palettes for every skin tone as well as easy-to-use products, allowing clients the ability to create a stylish look from the comfort of home. After learning the proper techniques and removing unnecessary steps, clients often shorten their morning routine, too!


With the staying power of Cosmakery, you won’t waste time reapplying lipstick or mascara multiple times a day either.Products lasts up to 24 hours and are formulated to hold up under filming and photo shoots, making this line perfect forWest Michigan weddings, the Saugatuck prom, senior pictures, a night out in Grand Rapids, or a day on Lake Michigan. It’s not just for the “fun” days, though; Cosmakery’s professional-grade products are designed for everyday use with natural looks easily transitioning to night-time glam should the occasion arise (…and we can find a babysitter).


But how, exactly, does one take their typical “day-at-the-office”face and dress it up for a night on the town? While YouTube trends and tutorials might be entertaining, they aren’t realistic for the majority of us. Anna loves teaching her clients how to quickly and easily apply the techniques she uses as a certifiedmake-up artist and offers one-on-one, customized lessons. Clients leave the office with the expertise to recreate the same professional look for themselves (as well as a little extra pep in their step). Have a few friends who could use some make-up tips, too? Get a group of 5 or more people together and take advantage of deep discounts and a waived fee for the host! 


Still not quite sure where to start or what Cosmakery products are right for you? Drop by Joli’ of Saugatuck’s upcoming Open House and Product Launch on Saturday, April 28th from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm at 10 ½ Bluestar Highway in Douglas. Enjoy drinks and apps, meet Cosmakery’s founder, Janelle Thomason, anddiscover your new go-to make-up brand. It’s about time you ditched that college lip gloss, anyways.