Before and After Sorella Apothecary Skincare!


This month, I challenged a friend (mother of 3 boys under 6) to follow a skincare routine. She barely even cleanses and thought there was NO way she could stick to it!  I gave her 9 products (usually I would start someone with 3).  Read on to see how her challenge went! Check out the glow after. 

I am a mother, and I am tired. I utilize every second of energy that my body can produce, and I still have hours of work left to do. There is no way I can fit one more thing into my day.

This was my mindset when I accepted Anna’s challenge to start a skincare regimen last month. Prior to that, my beauty routine looked like this:

  • Wash my face twice a week (typically with hand soap or a baby wipe)

  • Moisturize only prior to applying make-up to avoid having foundation cling to my flaky skin

  • Use concealer to camouflage the puffy, dark circles under my tired eyes

  • Apply nine coats of mascara to give the appearance of being awake

  • Coat my lips in chapstick every hour on the hour to bring my lips back to life

This ridiculous and painfully honest list makes it seem as if I am not at all concerned with my appearance; however, this could not be further from the truth. I might actually be one of the vainest people I know and aging has been pretty difficult for me.

I am only in my mid-thirties. Nevertheless, I had all but thrown in the towel on trying to turn things around. My three small boys have quite literally sucked the life out of me, and my face held the cold hard truth of it. I was convinced I did not have the time or extra energy to truly take care of my skin.

Anna’s challenge was a game-changer for me. I picked up a bag of Sorella products customized for my needs. Anna took the time to outline which products to use, at what time of day, and in what order. I lined up the 9 items on my bathroom sink and immediately realized, “I’m not going to last a week.” I was supposed to do this for 30 days – twice a day. It would never work.

The plan was to start on April 1. I didn’t. We were on vacation, and by the time I got everyone bathed, fed and tucked into our hotel beds, I was spent. “I’ll start tomorrow,” I thought.

In the morning, I made myself get up ten minutes early to figure out this new routine. I fumbled through the bottles, rechecking Anna’s instructions after every application. Cleanser, toner, lip hydrator, lightening serum, eye gel and eye cream (“Why do I need both?” I wondered), a mask to be used weekly, moisturizer and sunscreen. It took me all of the ten minutes, plus some. I dreaded having to do it all again that night when I knew I would be exhausted from a long day of wrangling children.

Surprisingly, when the time came, and the family was settled down for the evening, I was actually a little excited to spend a few minutes taking care of just me. It was the same thing the next morning, and the following evening, and every day for the next 28 days. It felt really nice to spend a little time, just a few minutes, twice a day, tending to myself and nobody else.

Better yet was the fact that my face responded pretty positively to the extra attention. I found myself wearing less make-up than normal, and the cosmetics I did apply went on much more smoothly. The fine lines and wrinkles became less noticeable as my skin soaked up the hydration and nutrients it had been missing. My overall complexion brightened along with my outlook. With a little added knowledge and a few trusty products, maybe I could handle this aging thing after all.