Women are used to oxymorons:  working holidays, unbiased opinions, hot coffee (wait…people drink their coffee warm?), and clean bathrooms (hilarious). But oily dry skin? Is this really a thing?


Unfortunately, yes, and the summer weather can make this condition even worse. After a long day in the Saugatuck sun and Oval Beach heat, you wake the next morning to find a dry, flaky face…shiny with oil? Seriously? Before you know it, you’re rushing to Holland through holiday traffic in search of the nearest Ulta. You scan the aisles and grab all the heavy duty, super sudsy cleansers you can find. Stop right there! Take a deep breath and back away. 


Using intense, abrasive treatments on skin that is already dry is actually counterproductive. These products trick the body into producing additional sebum (your skin’s naturally occurring oils) to try and combat the dryness. All this does is further aggravate the problem.


So what’s a Lake Michigan-loving girl to do? The answer might surprise you. The best solution to encourage your skin back to a balanced state is to actually add oil. This helps to nourish dry patches without over-stimulating sebum production. Sorella Apothecary Facial Nectar combines jojoba, rice bran and crambe seed oils which work together to moisturize through quick absorption while bringing your skin’s oil levels back to their normal state. This takes care of the dryness.


Now, what about that oily sheen that creeps in every hour on the hour? Our go-to Facial Nectar helps calm this down, as well. Rosehip and citrus fruit oils add much needed antioxidants to discourage oil overproduction while rosemary leaf extract brings anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agents to help clarify the face. Following daily applications for the first two weeks, we recommend continued use once or twice weekly before bed in addition to the Main Squeeze Hydrating Serum which also helps decrease sebum production.


Like other Sorella products, our Facial Nectar does double-duty and can be used as an occasional cleanser, as well. Those struggling to maintain a balanced complexion would also benefit from our Daily Greens Moisturizer, formulated to help absorb excess oil and keep skin nourished and supple all day without clogging pores. Finish it off with the Tropical Topical Matte sunscreen to complete your skincare routine, and that dry, oily face will never be the same!

Being female means we get the best (and sometimes, the worst) of both worlds. We can be gentle and strong, smart and silly, nervous and brave. Women are basically walking contradictions; why should we expect our skin to be any different? But while these opposing characteristics might add depth to our personalities, managing our appearance is difficult enough. Take the complication out of your beauty routine and simplify with Sorella.