Summer Game Face

June is off to a mad dash towards July, and if you are anything like me, you haven’t quite adjusted to the chaos of summer schedules. You have to get from work to a workout (hmmm…maybe I’ll just run an extra few miles tomorrow), from the beach to baseball, and the dune rides to dinner with no time to breathe in between. Something’s got to give.

Since no one is willing to give up any activities between sunrise and when that shining light goes down upon Lake Michigan, why not give yourself a break and ease up on that beauty regimen? Not sure how? Joli’ of Saugatuck has a few handy hints to help you ease into summer:

Hint #1

Lash Tint and Curl

This little trick negates the need for mascara. You know – that stuff that runs all over your face the moment you hit Oval Beach? Lose the extra step (and that black under-eye mess) this summer and stop in for insta-lashes from Anna. It takes 30 minutes and lasts until Labor Day!

Hint #2

Eyebrow Tint or Wax

Not everyone was born with brows. Some of us spend the first ten minutes of our day darkening and shaping those fine blonde (maybe grey…) hairs into perfect proportions. Sick of playing slave to unruly or invisible brows? Slim down your morning chores by making an in-and-out appointment for a brow tint or wax. 


Hint #3

Summer-ize your Skincare

Let Sorella Apothecary lighten up your skincare routine this season. Start with our Orange You Jelly cleanser and the Watermelon Mint Hydrating Mist toner paired with the Blueberry Milk Moisturizer to combat the drying effects of the sun. Not only will your face look like it’s ready for summer, it will smell like it, too! Add in either the Quench and Protect (normal to dry skin) or the Tropical Topical Matte (for oily skin) as your go-to sunscreen, and your face won’t even realize we are knee-deep in June. 

Hint #4

Add a Little Lip Gloss

The humidity and heat of summer makes most of us hesitant to layer on much more than a smile. Keep those foundations and pressed powders in your cosmetic bag and just grab a little lip gloss. If you are following a solid skincare routine (hint, hint #3) and those lashes and brows are on point (hint, hint #1&2) your sun-kissed complexion should not need much else. Stop in to snag a tube of Cosmakery lip gloss, and you are out the door. Apricot is our favorite shade for an easy, every day wear. 

Hint #5

Treat Yourself

If you happen to find any hours of summer left in that crazy schedule, consider taking a break once or twice a month to focus on you! Joli’ of Saugatuck’s Exfoliate and Heal Chemical Peel is gentle enough to care for that sensitive, sun-soaked skin. This rejuvenating on-site treatment keeps you fresh-faced and ready to roll, so after you are finished taking care of yourself, you can go back to taking care of everyone else.