Exfoliate and Heal Chemical Peel

Spring Cleaning for Your Face
Winter is quickly coming to a close, and as the melting snow makes way for new spring growth, it’s time to prepare ourselves for the upcoming season. After you’ve finished sweeping out those dusty corners, scrubbing that mysterious film off the bathroom floor, and getting that house sparkling clean, turn some attention to yourself. Your home isn’t the only thing calling out for some TLC after this harsh winter.

Your face needs a little spring cleaning, too! Joli of Saugatuck is excited to introduce chemical peels to their growing list of spa services. Using the tried and true line of Sorella Apothecary products, this treatment wipes away the grit and grime that’s accumulated in your pores while also exfoliating dead and dull skin. Thirty minutes is all you need to reduce the appearance of fine lines, even out your complexion, diminish acne lesions, and lighten those pesky age spots. By the end of your appointment, your face will shine brighter than your newly polished bathroom tiles (and it will feel just as smooth)!
Nervous to scour your face like a shower wall? No need to worry - not all peels are created equal.
Sorella’s chemical peel combines:

  • Lactic acid - invoking Cleopatra’s legendary milk baths known to moisturize skin and improve texture
  •  Salicylic acid - used to unclog pores, fight acne-causing bacteria, and slough off those layersof winter
  •  Aloe - to heal and hydrate your new spring face

These all-natural ingredients (and a few other highly effective products) awaken your cells, promoting healthy regeneration and bringing your radiance out of hibernation.
Clients can opt to schedule one appointment or a series of treatments depending on needs and skin tolerance. Following the session(s), clients are sent home with a tailored post-peel hydration kit of Sorella Apothecary products. No downtime required (as if any of us have time for that).

Winter has taken its toll on everything - our homes, our moods, and most noticeably, our skin. It’s time to shake off the cold and those dead skin cells with a Sorella Apothecary chemical peel at Joli' of Saugatuck. West Michigan might take another month or two to thaw and spring back to life, but you face only needs 30 minutes. 



Chemical peels are now available