Lash Extensions vs. Lash Lift and Tint

What is right for you?

There is nothing like springtime in Saugatuck. Lounging along the Kalamazoo, strolling through downtown Douglas or chasing the kids across Oval Beach is time well spent, and you don’t want to waste a second (once spring actually arrives). Knock minutes off of your ‘get-ready’ routine with Lash Extensions or a Lash Lift & Tint at Joli’ of Saugatuck. Unfamiliar with the process or not sure which to pick? This quick comparison will help you decide:

Going for glamour and a dramatic difference? 

Give lash extensions a try! With this pain-free, non-invasive procedure, individual lashes are affixed to your own lacking lashes. This accentuates the eyes and eradicates the need for mascara and even eye liner and shadow. Throw on some Sorella Tropical Topical Matte Sunscreen and your favorite lip gloss from Cosmakery, and you’re out the door. Can you imagine? It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Simply set aside up to two hours on your calendar for the initial application ($150) and approximately an hour every 2-3 weeks for fills ($50 per session). While this approach takes a bit more commitment, it also provides the biggest reward, especially for those the lash Gods forgot.

Have the lashes but need a boost?

The Lift & Tint approach is a perfect fit for people with a natural set of longer  lashes wanting to enhance their look. Using our speed method, your eyelash upgrade is complete in under 30 minutes. The treatment is quick and easy! You can rest easy, too, as Joli’ of Saugatuck uses products of only the highest quality, so the process is 100% formaldehyde-free.

Following your half hour session, you will benefit from 6-8 weeks of darker, more defined and curled lashes which, depending on the West Michigan weather, might actually cover you the entire spring. This option is more time and cost-effective than a full set of extensions, as well, and you will be on your way and feeling gorgeous for only $70.00. 

Want to wake up one step closer to walking out the door? Of course, you do, and you easily can with a quick visit to Anna at Joli’ of Saugatuck. Lash Extensions or Lift & Tint? Either way, you win.